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Top Chef – Finale

As was so perfectly put on a forum I read: “What a great season. FOR ME TO POOP ON.”

I hate Ilan. Sam redeemed himself a little bit. Glad the ordeal is over and I have Wednesday nights back. I hope I never have to see Betty’s face again. And why why why did Marcel pick Mike? I need to go to bed.


Monday Wednesday

Today feels like a Monday. I guess that’s good because it will seem like a short week. I woke up cranky today because I had frustrating work dreams. Luckily, there’s nothing too pressing going on at work, so I have time for some quick blogging as my smoke break.

I’ve been busy trying to catch up on podcasts while shoveling and recorded tv shows while looking for decent video editing software online. I just can’t seem to fit all my entertainment in!

And while I was driving on campus today a gaggle of students got off a bus a few feet from an intersection. The gaggle (maybe ten people?) crossed on the “Don’t Walk” light and made traffic wait for them. Once the gaggle stepped off the curb, they were separated from the, single, solitary young woman who stood alone on the corner, not crossing against the light. I wanted to stop and give her a “good doobie” citation. The pedestrian habits around here are downright stupid and I am surprised we don’t have more vehicle pedestrian accidents.

And, Shel, I’m glad that you enjoy the header pic… It’s nice to be reminded of that beautiful Memorial Day sunrise up on Big L. So relaxing and peaceful. It lowers my blood pressure ten points just to think of it!

Oh yes, and Monday Food and Wine magazine accidentally posted an article spoiling the results for the Top Chef finale tonight. They didn’t link to it, but someone did a search on the site and found the article. It was then pulled from the site completely, then later replaced with a page saying they have two articles written, one for each finalist and the winner’s article would have been posted after the finale aired. Kind of like on West Wing, where they write two speeches to be prepared for two different outcomes… The thing is, this reality show is not real time. It’s filmed ahead of time, so there’s no need to have two articles written, because the results are not a surprise to them, as evidenced by the tone of the originally posted article. Glad the drama-riddled trashy season is finally over tonight. I guess the show is like politics in that they will be choosing the lesser of two suckitudes tonight. Last season, there were a handful of talented, if not entirely likeable cheftestants. This season? Sam was the only one who really seemed consistently professional and creative in the kitchen… not that I was rooting for him, but choosing between Ilan or Marcel? Well, lesser of two suckitudes.

Heh, found this comment in a blog on “Personally, I’d be partial to a Scooby Doo ending where Hubert Keller gets his mask pulled off, revealing himself to be Old Man Bourdain, and says, ‘And I would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for you f*cking kids!'” Hilarious!

Gladys Hardy on Ellen

So hilarious!


Woke up to about 15 feet of snow this morning. I may be exagerrating a little, but still. Several inches, which was enough to make it difficult to drive in a car, scraping the undercarriage along the top of the snow. So I did the Sunday morning grocery shopping again today. I wake up and try to get over to Meijer by about 8:30ish a.m. Fewer people and no stock on pallettes in the aisles. Couldn’t ask for more. I stop for coffee at McD’s on the way. Drinking coffee, listening to my iPod and cruising along with my cart as a search and search for whatever I am looking for. Still can’t find a thing since they’ve remodeled. Bastards. So what I discovered on my way out of Meijer is that, at some point, one of my gloves made an escape. Had it on the way over, but by the time I headed out to my car… gone. I had one pair of gloves for about 7 years. I lost one and ever since, I’ve been losing gloves at an alarming pace. Two pairs already this season and it’s only been cold for about two months. I need to get some of those little clippy things that they use for kids so they don’t lose their gloves.

By early afternoon the snow had stopped and the sun came out, but it’s still cold. Lower 20s now, but I worked up a sweat shoveling. That’ll count for my exercise today. I hope to not get any exercise at hockey tonight… which I should be getting ready for now… meh.

L Word : Episode 403 – Lassoed

Is that why they chose to do a western theme at the party? So they could use this title? This episode was definitely better than the first two this season.

My first reaction when I sat down to watch? I rolled my eyes and yelled, “Oh gawd” because the opening scene was, yet again, a Jenny dream sequence (thankfully circus free). Was that shot on the old Melrose Place set? Weird, but satisfyingly short.

Max was pretty isolated in this episode, serving only to do stereotypically male activities, save for watching Shay for Shane. Seriously? Car repair, working out, workin’ the grill. Finally, they are hitting some of the trans issues that seem real. Not getting an invitation to Tina’s stupid straight/gay mixer, having to wear layers of clothes in the heat while everyone else is partying in the pool. And he’s starting in on the lies to the boss’ daughter.

There were a lot of funny parts in the episode… Tina’s mixer party with the line of straights and the “outnumbered” lesbians was silly. I loved it. BTW, has anyone noticed that Henry is into doing lesbian tv shows? Okay, maybe he’s into doing a variety of tv shows, but he was in the Puppy Episode on Ellen. Made me giggle to see him when I watched that recently.

Shane was awesome in this episode. That bitch that said, “That’s such a great name, Shane. It’s perfect for you.” should have been slapped, but Shane was ever so graceful. The look on her face was hilarious! Loved the Shane v. Papi showdown. Shane didn’t even care and telling Papi, “You win” was great! That’s the Shane I like, as opposed to the stupid strung out, limping across LA Shane. Also, Strung Out Shane makes “quite an impression” on the Hugo Boss marketing director? Wha? Anyway, she was great in this episode and I hope Ilene doesn’t kill her off too… Mangus, who normally annoys, was pretty cool too. He’s a Butter Boy who thinks man love is “not that bad, actually.” What a sweet guy, taking it to the honest homophobe. 🙂

Cybill Shepard just looked awkward hanging out at The Planet. She looks like someone’s mom who’s stumbled into the wrong place… But I loved her face when she was checking out the chick dancers. Pretty awesome.

Bette getting it on with her TA? Weird. I don’t like it. Can’t she just have normal power-lesbian sex? I am not a fan of the whole boinking your subordinates thing which happens every season.

Now, on to listen to The Planet: The Podcast for L Word Fans. Always even better than the show. I keep looking for podcasts to supplement the shows that I watch. I wish for a hilarious, sarcastic lesbian couple who would do podcasts for Grey’s and the crappy Bravo! reality series that I am embarassed to admit that I watch. No such luck so far.