It’s been a while since it’s been this cold. Weather Watcher is predicting a high of 4 degrees tomorrow. It’s 3 out right now. And that wind cuts right through. The wind chill is -11. I love the crunch and squeak of snow when it’s cold though. It’s pretty, drifty, and powdery, but heavy to shovel. I bundled up in my goofy snow hat with ear flaps, thermal shirt, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, fleece undercoat, waterproof top coat, long underwear, jeans, two layers of socks, and my thermal boots. I put on my gaiters and headed out to shovel my driveway. I am now one large piece of dry skin, cracked and flaking. I’d like to take a bath in aloe.

I thought about doing some exercise today, but that didn’t happen. Ellen is trying to lose weight before she hosts the Oscars (I was trying to catch up on my recorded shows to free up space on my hard drive), and she has been bringing her trainer on the show to demonstrate some exercises. She’s an inspiration, but I didn’t get all the way there to actually working out. I need to do it! I think I did end up getting a fair amount of exercise with the shoveling though. Instead of curling up under a blanket while watching tv, why not do some twisting lunges?


1 Response to “cold!”

  1. 1 Shel February 4, 2007 at 8:26 am

    Well, I was wondering how you were faring over there on Liberty. Glad you survived the snow shoveling. You’re more brave than we. We went to meet a wedding couple at Benigans yesterday so us driving out and back in was as much as we were willing to do to plow through our driveway. Zoe goes out for very short bits of time…just long enough to do her duty and return only with much coaxing while she holds up one foot, then another, then another. I looked at the thermometere when I got up. -4!!! Yikes! I didn’t want to let Zoe out at all but Dianne goaded me and I relented. Zoe was fine but she didn’t like the very brief potty break. It’s weird. No planes, no cars passing…the news said all the churches are closed today…kind of nice being snowed in with my honey.

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