Plastic bags

So on one of my early Sunday morning shopping trips, the person checking out behind me handed the cashier a handful of canvas tote bags which she used to bag her groceries. That got me thinking. And after taking a huge WAD of plastic grocery bags home from work the other day, I decided that I would order a few canvas bags to try to do the same and cut down on those ubiquitous plastic grocery bags.

This morning, on Morning Edition they had a story that San Francisco is nearing a ban on plastic grocery bags. I don’t know if a ban is the answer. I wonder if more and more people brought their own bags or stores sold canvas bags for groceries if it would be more popular. I had thought about it before but didn’t want to inconvenience the cashier since they have their little spinning grocery bag thing. Now that I have seen other people do it, I’m going to do it. It seems like an easy enough small thing to do… What do you think?

I don’t know anything about this website, but they have a little bit more info at Worldwatch Institute.


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