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I had the best of intentions to be productive today. At least I got some stuff done yesterday. After doing some quick grocery shopping, I met up with my buddies to swing over to Home Depot to celebrate Earth Day and buy some lumber. Er, doing my part to consume trees…

Anyway, Home Depot rocks. They gave away one million compact fluorescent light bulbs in honor of Earth Day. Way to go Home Depot! And I am going to build a folding table and decided to pick up the lumber. After realizing that I made a bonehead move trying to figure out lumber dimensions, we made a trip back to my house to get the plans so I could get the right stuff. This lumber sizing stuff is new to me… who knew dimensions listed were not actual? hrumpf. So. Have lumber, beautiful day out to work in the garage. I grab my tools and head out to get started.

I made it halfway down the driveway. There was a puny looking squirrel wobbling around. He looked like a little monkey because his ears were not sticking up and he had itty bitty legs. I went to walk around him and he kind of followed me, so I ran the other way. Then I stood staring at him for a few minutes. My neighbor yells to me that there were a bunch of baby squirrels running around. He had chased one out of his garage. It then proceeded to chase him around my house.

The baby squirrel got tired of the conversation and started following me again, so I ran up the steps to my house and the little bugger tried to follow me! So then I was afraid he was going to try to get in. Meanwhile my kitties are looking out the basement window to check out the little monkey and he’s just as interested in them. Bah. I want to go inside! So I got a piece of wood to use to divert him if he came too close to me and stood there waiting for him to move. My other neighbor came home and asked why I was looking so deep in thought.

“Oh how cute!” she says, standing there in her sandals. She offers a glimpse to her young son and the little squirrel runs toward them. They flee. This little squirrel was chasing people all over the place! I felt a little bit better about being such a wimp. So, no work in the garage, and I’m afraid to work in there because then I may be cornered by them! So much to do…


Blood Ties

Well, there’s something going around… It’s chicks from lesbian shows and movies getting their own shows… Have you checked out Blood Ties on Lifetime? I didn’t think so. Christina Cox, from Better Than Chocolate, stars in this mediocre show. Nothing wrong with a little eye candy, but my TV schedule is getting too full and I can’t really get into the “half-blind cop investigates crimes that are tied into supernatural goings on” story line. Oh, and one of the guys that digs her is a vampire. Yawn.


But about once an episode they get a wonderful shot of her looking pretty, with her eyes all aglow. *sigh* Chicks rule. I need to go watch Better Than Chocolate again…

Versus vs. Charter

Seems like when something gets frustrating, a whole bunch of stuff piles on sometimes. Well, it’s not that bad, but I get overwhelmed kind of quickly sometimes.

While watching some junk on TV, waiting for a hockey game to come on, the stupid Versus channel popped a crawl on the bottom of the screen. Starting Wednesday, there is a possibility that my cable company will no longer carry Versus, the channel that carries NHL hockey games. I’m sure there will be some coverage on the regional Fox Sports and probably a couple games on NBC, but with *all* those channels plus Versus, I’d be sure to have the ability to see the playoffs covered pretty well. With my cable bill going up, little by little, every month why would I choose to stay with them when I can pay the same price every month and get twice as many channels, plus a DVR? Stupid Charter.

I went to bed early last night and caught some of Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth. That series is pretty sweet! I was also recording it on my computer… or so I thought. There are two airings of each episode listed on the TV schedule. They were both last night (8pm and 12am, 9pm and 1am) and my software program which records my TV shows hung. And hard. Piece of monkey loving… grr.

TV can be so frustrating sometimes. Not that it’s a huge deal. I mean, there are worse things that could happen, but these things just frustrated me today. My coworker is on vacation all week and it’s stressing me out a little bit. I hate fixing his stuff and supervising the boys. I think I smell some vacation time for me coming up soon… Maybe it’s time to curl up with Harry Potter again so I can again familiarize myself with the two most recent books before the movie and book come out this summer.