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Eclipse Fusion Gum: “Kiss”

Woah. Activate your awesome, is right…


Two wheels

I want an e-bike. Or a scooter. Or a motorcycle. Something that consumes less energy on my short but hilly ride to work. My body just isn’t cut out for cardio before and after work. So fun to dream. But the lease on my car is coming to an end soon and I’m shopping around for a car. Thoughts of getting an older, but reliable car + a two-wheeled vehicle for good weather days have been floating around in my head.


So an e-bike is more expensive than I would have thought. Er, that’s an electric bike, by the way. I have a bike. With flat tires, but… you know… that’s repairable with a little bit of motivation. They make conversion kits for bikes which are a bit cheaper than a complete electric bike. The one I have my eye on? Just under $1000 delivered. The company seems customer friendly and helpful with technical support… at least their web site sounds pretty sincere. The conversion kit only is about $400 less, but could be a lot more hassle… Pros: cheapest of the three options, no insurance required, no license fees or requirements. Cons: That’s a lot of dadgum money for a bike, assembly sounds pretty complicated, this assumes my job will be as close as it is for long enough to get my money’s worth.


A cute little scooter is the next step up. No assembly required, some styles are cute. Closer to cool and much faster than an electric bike. Up to 35 mph, while the e-bike is around 20. My drive to work never goes above 35, so no big deal, but there’s a bike lane the entire way too. This requires gas, but maybe that’s a good thing… I mean how often do those batteries on an e-bike need to be replaced? I am not sure of the licensing and insurance requirements of scooters and the Secretary of State info is a little vague about scooters. Pros: faster, greater range, ability to refuel anywhere, automatic transmission. Cons: about two times more expensive than e-bike, insurance and license questions.


Then there’s the motorcycle. Ooh, would I love to get one. Problem: I can’t really drive a manual transmission, so trying to learn that and familiarize myself with other motorcycle basics seems like a lot. But, I could really get around town on one. They’re way cool and fun to ride. Motorcycles seem to be in high demand right now (no surprise with spring weather and high gas prices), so I don’t see that many available. I would want a small one, probably a 250cc. Could be a beater so I wouldn’t feel so nervous about dropping a new bike. If something happened and I changed jobs, a motorcycle would get me anywhere. Pros: super cool, can go anywhere, did I mention cool? Cons: that pesky ability to drive thing (I know, I know… I could learn), about three times more expensive than the e-bike or 50% more than a scooter, insurance and license fees, higher maintenance.

So what to do? Wait to see what happens with the car, I guess. I want to cut my payments and this would help cut down on mileage, blah blah blah. I hate having to make decisions, so any advice I can get from people would be good… Time to start asking people for opinions…

Eye candy surprise

Well, Grey’s Anatomy has been less appealing to me lately… and the thought of a spin off is quite a turn off. Until…


Amy Brenneman showed up on my tv! What a pleasant surprise! Yummy eye candy… I may have to tune in occasionally. Women… looking granola-ey, wearing glasses, and saying “… and I’m a serious feminist.” What’s not to like?