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Why I dig Tanya Memme

There are Saturdays when I neglect my household responsibilities and instead get sucked into watching crappy television. Occasionally, I get sucked into watching Sell This House on A&E. Don’t hold it against me. It’s cheesy, but how can I resist the adorable Tanya Memme. And that’s pronounced tan-ya, not tahn-ya. Also, in looking for decent pictures, I was disappointed that her official website had all dolled-up pictures of her. I think she’s cute dressed in her little athletic outfits or dressed down to paint too, eh?


Such a cute smile!


She’s does just the right amount of hamming it up.


She doesn’t like removing wallpaper that’s hard to remove…


And she’s not afraid to use the power tools (and with proper safety equipment)!




Dude. iTunes has that clever little front page to the iTunes store… and I saw today that they now have, drum roll please… V. Not for Vendetta. V, as in the cheesy 80s sci fi series. Oh the cheese! I watched it as a wee little tyke and loved it! I still remember getting so grossed out by Dianna eating those little rodents. Seeing the lump go down her throat. Gross! And when their skin came off, they were lizards underneath! Awesomeness! I had always hoped that they would come out with action figures and those cool spaceships. No luck there. Oh the 80s were a horrible time for hair and fashion, weren’t they?


It seemed like that show was on for a long time, but it only has 20ish episodes… Anyone else catch this show? No one? I would never pay $28 for cheesiness, but maybe I’ll have to see if my video store has them available for rental. Good times…

Why I love Alison Stewart


Well, most people remember Alison Stewart as an MTV news reporter from back in the day. Yeah, me too. I was surprised to see her filling in for good ol’ Keith Olbermann on Countdown a while ago. She’s not quite as snarky as Keith, but she’s got a little sass to her. Plus… she’s got this awesome blinking pattern. She doesn’t simultaneously blink her eyes. First her right, then her left so she’s almost winking. I don’t know why, but when people do that, I just find it endearing. Plus, she kind of talks out of the left side of her face. Almost a snarl or a smirk…


Anyway, she’s a cutie and I find myself tuning into the show more and more… and not minding as much when Keith, that old muckety muck, isn’t there. But make no mistakes, I love Keith too. He’s just not quite as pleasant to look at… There’s just something about smart, liberal chicks.

Why I love Liz Lemon


“I don’t smoke. I don’t use any drugs…. I don’t download music without paying for it. I never wear flip flops. Ever. It’s gross.” My kind of gal. Tina Fey (and Liz Lemon) cracks me up and she’s delightfully nerdy sometimes.