Thank you, Amazon

I like iTunes. It’s a handy thing, but I hate that there is Digital Rights Management all over the content. It hasn’t stopped me from shopping there, but it’s just kind of a thorn in my side. When iTunes introduced iTunes Plus, I went with that. You get music at a higher bit rate at a 30% higher cost ($1.29 per track), but no pesky DRM. I am a believer in not pirating music. I don’t download music illegally. I don’t distribute music illegally. It just bothers me that it’s there. I think it’s stupid… just as stupid as having music in an AAC format rather than mp3 (which, in fact, bothers me as much as the DRM).

Well, yesterday Amazon rolled out an mp3 store which has tracks and albums available at a lower price. All mp3 format. All DRM-free. All 256kbps bit rate. Cue the angel chorus here. I don’t like the store format as much and they have somewhat fewer selections (presumably because there are certain labels *cough*Sony*cough* that just lurve the DRM). I also wish they had the option to shop with a shopping cart, not download each track as an individual purchase. iTunes makes it very easy to shop with their recommendations, flashy front page and free music Tuesdays. Will I stop shopping iTunes? Nope. But I won’t simply buy from them to buy from them. I am not a mac fangirl and I will go where I can get the best deal for my money without having my purchases locked up in a secret envelope. So thank you, Amazon.


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  1. 1 Shel October 3, 2007 at 7:37 pm

    Hmmmm…not sure I understand it all but I take your wordpress for it. Hey, how was Annie?

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