Grey’s season premiere

The Grey’s Anatomy season premiere was mildly entertaining, but somewhat of a letdown.


  • Lacey stopping Meredith on the way into the hospital with a trauma to tell her that she’s her sister. And everyone stops to react.
  • Lacy running around the hospital telling everyone that Meredith is her sister.
  • I like the actress who plays Torres, but her character is hard to like the most of the time. Shonda and Betsy like to beat up on her a lot.
  • lamest of all: saving Bambi. Seriously. The whole thing was completely ridiculous. I was rolling my eyes right along with the interns. Why do they keep giving Katherine Heigl these stupid plot lines?
  • The patient eating metal poky objects to curb his hunger. Why not eat a pillow case instead of, I don’t know, scissors?
  • The cleanly severed arm. It looked like the elk shank Brian prepared in the Top Chef episode this week.
  • All the women who bitch to George about how their lives suck whenever he tries to talk to them about what a hard time he’s having.
  • Time from first contraction to delivery of the baby: 29 seconds. And the baby shouldn’t cry immediately and look like it’s 3 months old. I’m just saying.
  • George and Izzy. I like George. I like Izzy. I don’t like Gizzy. And he’s married, so figure it out! I don’t feel sympathetic for people who cheat on their spouses, even emotionally.


  • “I’m not pregnant. I just… I mean I might be pregnant. Yeah, my boobs are a little sore.”
  • When Christina, Izzy, Alex and George are together while Meredith cleans the severed arm. There was good writing and chemistry in that whole scene.
  • The kind of gay moment when McSteamy told Derek that he came to Seattle to get him back. Heh.


  • Sandra Oh. Sandra Oh. Sandra Oh. She made the end worth waiting for. The story line about the man with the severed spine was sweet and very well acted by everyone involved. A little sledge hammery with the metaphor of her and Burke, but sweet all the same.
  • Despite the ridiculousness of such a cleanly severed arm in an auto accident, the acting between that patient and Meredith, I thought, was very good. A sweet exchange between them before the patient finally agreed to sedation.
  • Bailey, as always.
  • Derek telling McSteamy not to talk to him about Meredith because McSteamy does not know what he’s talking about.
  • Alex and Christina on the tunnel gurneys. Those two, actually showing emotion despite their façades. And the smile at the end when Alex asks Christina if she wants some money.
  • Meredith and Derek breaking up (again). It was a great scene and I’m glad that she’s doing it for all the right reasons.

Shonda, please don’t have Bambi plots anymore. Do it for the children with puppy dog eyes!



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