I have realized that I am a television mouth-looker. When watching people on TV, I notice people’s mouths and love when they do something quirky. I’ve previously blogged about Alison Stewart speaking out of the side of her mouth – and it’s a bonus that she does the quirky thing with her eyes too. Kate Walsh does this thing with her mouth, especially after a kiss. If I did the same thing, I’d look like I was trying to keep tooth whitener from getting on my lips, but when she does it? Sexy. Anyway, lips parted, that red hair, those beautiful eyes… hot.

But. Noticing mouths is not always a good thing. For example, ESPN’s John Clayton has a weird mouth. When he is being interviewed, he will answer a question and then leave his mouth partly open in strange ways while he listens to the next question. And sometimes he has little pieces of spittle that stick on his lip. Gross. I still can’t believe that guy is a football corespondent. He looks like an accountant.

Ah well. I was hoping to grab a few pictures of Kate and a nice gratuitous and unnecessary picture of Amy Brenneman, but there were so many different shows on tonight, I couldn’t do it. Curse the networks… I wanted to watch Private Practice, Top Chef, and Life tonight… not to mention a hockey game. Meh. I’m glad Top Chef is over so I have a less congested TV watching schedule. Why did I forgive them for having picked Ilan last season, anyway?


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