Top Chef – Season 3 Finale part 2

If I root for someone on a Bravo! reality show, they will inevitably lose. If there is one contestant – only one – that I do not want to win… they will inevitably win. It happened with season 2 of Top Chef, season 3 of Project Runway and now this. It was a toss up and Tom Colicchio got his way. I knew the result as soon as he said that the panel had made the right choice. He makes up his mind and that is it. No one can convince him of anything different. Meh. Although Hung seemed to tone down his trash talking on this last episode, he needs to just lose a little bit of that cockiness. When you’re good, you don’t need to put your peers down and dismiss constructive criticism. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Ilan, but yeesh. Tone it down! I was sad to see Casey falter on the last challenge and even more disappointed with her excuses at judges table, but I still think that she must be very good. She seems to have the right ideas and a flair for sauces. You go, Casey! Even if your glasses do make you look like Jeffrey from Project Runway.


Thank god you didn’t get a neck tattoo!

I said last season that I wasn’t going to watch anymore… Seriously, I need to stop watching Bravo programming. Thanks, Bravo, for all the gay. Someone please let me know if it gets better, will ya? And someone program some better speech software in the Padma robot. She could barely function on live TV!


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