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90 feet to free tacos for America

Taco Bell will give away one free taco to every person in the US who wants one if any player steals a base in the World Series. How random is that? What does base stealing have to do with tacos? Why only hard shell tacos? Why between 2 and 5pm? Are the Colorado Rockies and Boston Red Sox players all slow runners? What a strange promotion, but hey… a good excuse to leave work early if it happens.

Steal a base, steal a taco.



I wonder if got a Colbert Bump. Either way, had to check it out when I heard the mention on The Colbert Report. Too cute!


Human Brain Cloud

Want to waste some time and have some fun playing? Check out the Human Brain Cloud, which I found via swissmiss. It’s mildly addictive and is very interesting. I find that I have an oppositional tendency when it comes to this game.