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Top Chef – Season 3 Finale part 2

If I root for someone on a Bravo! reality show, they will inevitably lose. If there is one contestant – only one – that I do not want to win… they will inevitably win. It happened with season 2 of Top Chef, season 3 of Project Runway and now this. It was a toss up and Tom Colicchio got his way. I knew the result as soon as he said that the panel had made the right choice. He makes up his mind and that is it. No one can convince him of anything different. Meh. Although Hung seemed to tone down his trash talking on this last episode, he needs to just lose a little bit of that cockiness. When you’re good, you don’t need to put your peers down and dismiss constructive criticism. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Ilan, but yeesh. Tone it down! I was sad to see Casey falter on the last challenge and even more disappointed with her excuses at judges table, but I still think that she must be very good. She seems to have the right ideas and a flair for sauces. You go, Casey! Even if your glasses do make you look like Jeffrey from Project Runway.


Thank god you didn’t get a neck tattoo!

I said last season that I wasn’t going to watch anymore… Seriously, I need to stop watching Bravo programming. Thanks, Bravo, for all the gay. Someone please let me know if it gets better, will ya? And someone program some better speech software in the Padma robot. She could barely function on live TV!



I have realized that I am a television mouth-looker. When watching people on TV, I notice people’s mouths and love when they do something quirky. I’ve previously blogged about Alison Stewart speaking out of the side of her mouth – and it’s a bonus that she does the quirky thing with her eyes too. Kate Walsh does this thing with her mouth, especially after a kiss. If I did the same thing, I’d look like I was trying to keep tooth whitener from getting on my lips, but when she does it? Sexy. Anyway, lips parted, that red hair, those beautiful eyes… hot.

But. Noticing mouths is not always a good thing. For example, ESPN’s John Clayton has a weird mouth. When he is being interviewed, he will answer a question and then leave his mouth partly open in strange ways while he listens to the next question. And sometimes he has little pieces of spittle that stick on his lip. Gross. I still can’t believe that guy is a football corespondent. He looks like an accountant.

Ah well. I was hoping to grab a few pictures of Kate and a nice gratuitous and unnecessary picture of Amy Brenneman, but there were so many different shows on tonight, I couldn’t do it. Curse the networks… I wanted to watch Private Practice, Top Chef, and Life tonight… not to mention a hockey game. Meh. I’m glad Top Chef is over so I have a less congested TV watching schedule. Why did I forgive them for having picked Ilan last season, anyway?

Grey’s season premiere

The Grey’s Anatomy season premiere was mildly entertaining, but somewhat of a letdown.


  • Lacey stopping Meredith on the way into the hospital with a trauma to tell her that she’s her sister. And everyone stops to react.
  • Lacy running around the hospital telling everyone that Meredith is her sister.
  • I like the actress who plays Torres, but her character is hard to like the most of the time. Shonda and Betsy like to beat up on her a lot.
  • lamest of all: saving Bambi. Seriously. The whole thing was completely ridiculous. I was rolling my eyes right along with the interns. Why do they keep giving Katherine Heigl these stupid plot lines?
  • The patient eating metal poky objects to curb his hunger. Why not eat a pillow case instead of, I don’t know, scissors?
  • The cleanly severed arm. It looked like the elk shank Brian prepared in the Top Chef episode this week.
  • All the women who bitch to George about how their lives suck whenever he tries to talk to them about what a hard time he’s having.
  • Time from first contraction to delivery of the baby: 29 seconds. And the baby shouldn’t cry immediately and look like it’s 3 months old. I’m just saying.
  • George and Izzy. I like George. I like Izzy. I don’t like Gizzy. And he’s married, so figure it out! I don’t feel sympathetic for people who cheat on their spouses, even emotionally.


  • “I’m not pregnant. I just… I mean I might be pregnant. Yeah, my boobs are a little sore.”
  • When Christina, Izzy, Alex and George are together while Meredith cleans the severed arm. There was good writing and chemistry in that whole scene.
  • The kind of gay moment when McSteamy told Derek that he came to Seattle to get him back. Heh.


  • Sandra Oh. Sandra Oh. Sandra Oh. She made the end worth waiting for. The story line about the man with the severed spine was sweet and very well acted by everyone involved. A little sledge hammery with the metaphor of her and Burke, but sweet all the same.
  • Despite the ridiculousness of such a cleanly severed arm in an auto accident, the acting between that patient and Meredith, I thought, was very good. A sweet exchange between them before the patient finally agreed to sedation.
  • Bailey, as always.
  • Derek telling McSteamy not to talk to him about Meredith because McSteamy does not know what he’s talking about.
  • Alex and Christina on the tunnel gurneys. Those two, actually showing emotion despite their fa├žades. And the smile at the end when Alex asks Christina if she wants some money.
  • Meredith and Derek breaking up (again). It was a great scene and I’m glad that she’s doing it for all the right reasons.

Shonda, please don’t have Bambi plots anymore. Do it for the children with puppy dog eyes!


Private Practice, Top Chef, and Life

Last night was all about the television. First up was Private Practice, the much talked-about spin off of Grey’s Anatomy. Meh. I love Kate Walsh and her lovely mouth and eyes and… everything else. I also like Amy Brenneman and Taye Diggs. The show was like a bad episode of Grey’s. Salespeople calling a therapist to the store for a troubled woman and she has a psychological breakthrough? And who didn’t see the emergency surgery c-section coming the moment Addison’s buddy said “Everything but c-sections” about the birthing room. Please. I’ll watch again because I like the cast, but I have little patience and a lot of tv on my schedule, so please, Betsy Beers and Shonda Rhimes… make it work!

So next I flipped over to Top Chef. It’s the first part of the finale. The finalists seem genuinely friendly to each other and I have to say that the lack of contestant on contestant assaults is refreshing! I am rooting for Casey and have been since she seemed like a sweet girl back when Lia left. I prejudged her and got it wrong. She’s my girl now and I want a female Top Chef! Actually, “Anyone but Hung” is my mantra. He says he’s cooking only for the judges and poo on the cowboys (maybe I’m paraphrasing a bit) and then gives a line at judging table. His arrogance and superiority complex are a real turn off for me. He’s good, but he needs to try a little humble pie. I loved it when the judges told him that he was technically the best chef left. He got a huge grin on his face until Tom repeated, “Technically,” to let him know that that doesn’t mean he is the best chef overall. I love deflated Hung. The judges think he lacks “soul” in his food, but they keep telling Casey that her food has soul and heart and all that razzmatazz. What the heck does that mean, anyway? As a non-foodie I think it’s bunk, but what do I know? As long as it gives Casey an edge, I’m happy. Oh, by the way, they are having three finalists this season, which I love because I think Casey would have been eliminated too. I love the comradery between the chefs this season. I just wish Hung wasn’t such a dick.

I recorded Life on my computer. Haven’t watched it yet, but I am looking forward to watching it. Again, I am a fan of the cast. Captain Winters from Band of Brothers is the lead and Carmen from the L Word is the partner. Good actor + good actor/eye candy will get me to watch every time. I hate the networks for scheduling all the good shows on two nights. All that plus The War on PBS. I am running out of hard drive space and time to watch and listen to all my entertainment!

Why I dig Tanya Memme

There are Saturdays when I neglect my household responsibilities and instead get sucked into watching crappy television. Occasionally, I get sucked into watching Sell This House on A&E. Don’t hold it against me. It’s cheesy, but how can I resist the adorable Tanya Memme. And that’s pronounced tan-ya, not tahn-ya. Also, in looking for decent pictures, I was disappointed that her official website had all dolled-up pictures of her. I think she’s cute dressed in her little athletic outfits or dressed down to paint too, eh?


Such a cute smile!


She’s does just the right amount of hamming it up.


She doesn’t like removing wallpaper that’s hard to remove…


And she’s not afraid to use the power tools (and with proper safety equipment)!

Why I love Alison Stewart


Well, most people remember Alison Stewart as an MTV news reporter from back in the day. Yeah, me too. I was surprised to see her filling in for good ol’ Keith Olbermann on Countdown a while ago. She’s not quite as snarky as Keith, but she’s got a little sass to her. Plus… she’s got this awesome blinking pattern. She doesn’t simultaneously blink her eyes. First her right, then her left so she’s almost winking. I don’t know why, but when people do that, I just find it endearing. Plus, she kind of talks out of the left side of her face. Almost a snarl or a smirk…


Anyway, she’s a cutie and I find myself tuning into the show more and more… and not minding as much when Keith, that old muckety muck, isn’t there. But make no mistakes, I love Keith too. He’s just not quite as pleasant to look at… There’s just something about smart, liberal chicks.

Why I love Liz Lemon


“I don’t smoke. I don’t use any drugs…. I don’t download music without paying for it. I never wear flip flops. Ever. It’s gross.” My kind of gal. Tina Fey (and Liz Lemon) cracks me up and she’s delightfully nerdy sometimes.