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Barbie Teaches Credit Cards 101

No wonder we have such problems with credit. From Consumerist:

Barbie Teaches Credit Cards 101: “You Never Run Out Of Money!”

con_barbiecreditcardplayset.jpg Fashion Fever Shopping Boutique, the correctly named Barbie toy, features a built-in credit card swiper and a life-size credit card for young children to use when buying outfits for their dolls. According to the Amazon website, “Once the balance hits zero, it will reset so you can continue to shop.”

We can’t find a copy of the commercial online (can anyone send in a link?), but according to posts all around the web, it features a little girl crying out, “And you never run out of money!”

[Update: thanks to readers Wesa and Pda_tech_guy, here’s a low-quality YouTube clip of the commercial.]

We think Mattel should introduce the “Dang, I Grew Up” Barbie playset, where Barbie spends her entire paycheck on Rent-a-Center furniture while trying to make the minimum payments on her dozen or so 30% interest rate cards. But then again, since this is Barbie, once her credit score hit 300 or so the playset would probably just bump it back up to 800. Responsibility is so for nerds and foster children.




Dude. iTunes has that clever little front page to the iTunes store… and I saw today that they now have, drum roll please… V. Not for Vendetta. V, as in the cheesy 80s sci fi series. Oh the cheese! I watched it as a wee little tyke and loved it! I still remember getting so grossed out by Dianna eating those little rodents. Seeing the lump go down her throat. Gross! And when their skin came off, they were lizards underneath! Awesomeness! I had always hoped that they would come out with action figures and those cool spaceships. No luck there. Oh the 80s were a horrible time for hair and fashion, weren’t they?


It seemed like that show was on for a long time, but it only has 20ish episodes… Anyone else catch this show? No one? I would never pay $28 for cheesiness, but maybe I’ll have to see if my video store has them available for rental. Good times…

Painkiller Jane

Okay, this trailer makes Painkiller Jane look like Project Runway meets The Matrix…

But it’s got Kristanna Loken (Paige from the L Word) looking pretty hot. I may record it and check out the premiere in a couple weeks on Sci Fi.

Gladys Hardy on Ellen

So hilarious!